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Take a Leap of Faith

The Creative Camera Club Online

Join me on Live Zoom sessions, to unlock the Power of Your DSLR with the Creative Camera Club for beginners!


"I think any professional photographer could have helped me master my camera, wean me off its automatic functions. But Gill is an artist who just happens to work in the photographic medium and I am grateful for her generosity in not only sorting me out technically, but also sharing her creative process, her aesthetic, particularly her enchantment with light. She's a great teacher: great fun to work with."

John Crix 2023



You've got a shiny DSLR collecting dust? You handed over hard-earned cash for a camera that promised to capture life's magic, but instead, it's baffling you with buttons, dials and settings. So, you're back to taking pictures on your smartphone or using your high-end camera on auto mode. Does this sound familiar? I'm an award-winning photographer and a qualified teacher and I totally understand your camera conundrum. But here's the thing, that piece of tech in your hands is a ticket to a visual journey. And the first step is taking creative control. The Creative Camera Club Online has been tailored just for beginners like you to guide you step by step through a series of projects that will enable you to take your photography skills to the next level and beyond.



Finally understand what each dial and setting does. Develop Your Creative Eye: Learn to see the world differently and capture it through your unique lens. Get Inspired: Weekly projects that go beyond tutorials— designed to spark your creativity Join a Community: Be part of a club where everyone's on the same page—keen to learn, share, and grow together. Decorate Your Space: Imagine the pride you'll feel hanging your own stunning photographs on your walls. Don't let your camera intimidate you any longer. Take this chance to develop your creative voice, gain fresh skills, and create something genuinely personal.


"The course was enlightening and helped me expand my knowledge of the camera, it was hugely inspiring"

Jurate Pupkute


I have a genuine passion for teaching and made it my career for many years, teaching from A level photography through to BA.  Since becoming freelance in 2018, I have continued to teach a wide age range of people with very mixed abilities.  I believe everyone has a visual story to tell and my approach will help you  explore your ideas and learn about your camera in the process by using a range of simple and techniques and creative tools.   I will introduce you to the work of a range of photographers to help inspire you. 

The course will run for 6 weeks and is a Beta course, meaning it is the very first version and a learning experience for me too, and this will be reflected in the cost to you. 


My plan is this, each week you will receive your project by email - I will invite you to a follow-up 30-minute Zoom chat. These will be supportive and informative.  I will record each session for you (in case you cannot attend in person and as a reminder of the information you will need) and send the recording to you along with follow-up notes and answers to questions raised in the online session.   The idea is to get to know our community, explain the project more fully and demonstrate as necessary, in a supportive and friendly session. Each photographer will then answer the brief to the best of their ability over the course of the week.  We will use my established Creative Camera Club page on FaceBook to upload work, and offer one another support - I will be there to answer questions too such as editing tips etc and offer guidance.

So please join me on the voyage of discovery and creativity.

The projects will run like this.

Project 1 – Leave it on auto! Camera Angle – changing your point of view. 

Project 2 - Focus & focal length – getting to the point – how focus and focal length can control your narrative

Project 3 – Aperture Priority & ISO – how these two aspects of the exposure triangle relates to your image outcome

Project 4 – Shutter Priority & ISO – how these two aspects of the exposure triangle relate to your image outcome

Project 5 – Bringing together the exposure triangle – going on to Manual to take control of your creative choices.

Project 6 - Celebrate the best of our work in our final Zoom session and a final Q&A.


I will award everyone a signed certificate on completion of the course.

A six week Beta Beginners Photography course, introductory offer £97


Or reserve your space with a £10 deposit

  • Launch date is Saturday 30th September

  • Zoom sessions will start at 10.30am (BST)  and finish at11am

  • Course length -  6 weeks until 4th November - if you can't attend don't worry, recordings and notes will be sent to you the same day and you can chat to me through our Creative Camera Club FB page (tap this link to view). 

  • I will email some additional information and a few questions about your experience so far,  after your payment has been received.

Thank you & I look forward to meeting you.



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