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Imperfect Perfect

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

This image of a man I met at a bus stop in Pakefield near Lowestoft has been at the centre of my learning process since the very start of lockdown back in March 2020. The great thing about working with the same image is that you can observe your technical and emotional journey by how your approach alters over time. At first I wanted Malcollm to be perfect - crystal clear and pristine almost to prove my ability to make something perfect. At the time I was happy with the result and it still inspires a wow factor when new people see it for the first time.

However, the change in moving from colour to black and white started to make a difference to how I felt about the piece. The DYCP grant has given my the opportunity to be involved with Epson UK who have very kindly been supporting the alterations in my approach.

Because of the support from both organisations I have the time to mess around and I become less 'careful' allowing the imperfections to be a part of whole and using a rougher surface which I feel compliments the image - now, he seems more real, like he wants to engage - he is embedded in the concrete surface but is also addressing you - on solid ground..

Malcolm has been weather proofed too so is ready, along with my other tests to face the outside world - I would, in an ideal world like to take him back to the bus stop or at least to Lowestoft and see how he fairs - so I will need to look into that..........if you have any ideas about where he could go, hit me up : ))

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