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Return & Reflect

This weekend I took a trip to Lowestoft to see how the photo had coped with the rather torrential rain we have had over the past couple of months. Ness Point, because of its far easterly coastal position really gets the weather, so as a testing ground for the technique it is perfect.

I was a bit nervous because it is a pivotal piece for me in terms of trialling the technique. I am pleased to say that the weather hadn't altered the surface or colouration at all and if anything it colours looked stronger and more striking.

Some passers by wanted to know if it was a painting and I realised that it does have that visual ambiguity. The technique does not look entirely photographic because the combining of the image to surface gives it a rather beautiful quality of its own.

I feel more confident that I can start approaching companies and organisations with the concept. Personally I think it is an idea that can be rolled out in towns and cities nationally and can be used as a way to encourage people to experience art/street art in their environment in a new way.

My hope is to continue to work with Epson UK and develop an Augmented Reality addition to the artwork, by embedding a QR code or similar, so that each picture could literally tell a story. The possibilities are endless.....

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