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Shoot To Shift The Monday Blues

Mondays are blessed with a bad press. And today felt like...well like one of those Mondays. I arrived at the workshop/pig shed feeling uninspired. I have much to do - new samples have arrived from Epson and I need to crack on...but I had no energy..after revealing a stone for a neighbour, which did work out quite well, I decided to take a walk to a poppy field nearby with my camera and lose my self on the muddy ground. It started off slowly because my brain couldn't let go of the idea that I was frankly pissed off. But I persevered...muttering and muddy some ideas popped into my head - I had also taken an old magnifying glass with me so enjoyed finding out how that would behave in the undergrowth. I am not saying they are the worlds best photos but after about half an our my outlook had changed...I knew exactly what I needed to do to take the next steps in moving my ACE work forward in a way a that would inspire me...and I'm off to give it a go....I'll keep you posted.

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